My name is Viktor Tiulpin. I happen to be a software engineer; more info about me you can find on my main page

Here I am trying to maintain a third brain – my public personal wiki (the second one is private!). Some of the posts you’ll find helpful, some materials are for the people who I made courses for in the past.

The main goal is to keep the knowledge in one place and make it accessible for me, and, thanks to the pressure of the publicity, to keep it organized and clear.

This site is always changing, but here are some things you may be interested in

  • Posts – all public blog posts that were published on the other platforms (like
  • Notes – a random collection of notes on different topics, some of them are from a long time ago
  • Courses – here are the lecture materials for the courses I made in the past
  • Life – travelling, important events, and other stuff
  • Projects – a list of projects I’ve been working on; the section will be deployed soon, for now it’s just a LinkedIn URL


Get in touch!

Email: [email protected]
GitHub: @tiulpin